A Ferocious Jungle Cat EP

by A Ferocious Jungle Cat

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recorded in a garage in North Lincoln, NE
engineered by W. Harman
with help from T. Wilson
design by A. Sinha


released February 10, 2014

Ariel Sinha - percussion, vocals
Cal Harman - drums
Ian Fleming - trombone
Mike Masin - guitar, rhodes
Tyler Wilson - bass
Will Harman - vocals, rhodes, guitar


all rights reserved


Track Name: Ferocity
I heard you runnin around fallin down on bended knee
I heard you kissin the rings but them other kings ain't like me
No fight is necessary unless you got somethin to prove
So just let it go, get it out, and make that booty move
Don't get it wrong right now, if you need we can still throw down
Deeep C and the Jungle Cat yeah we're comin back through your town
So get ready, be prepared if you're lookin for somethin new
Don't worry, don't be scared, just do what you came to do, I said:

Are you rough enough, tough enough?
Can you run with me?
And do you have enough of that

(Deeep C)
If you're lookin for new tunes to take X to
Look elsewhere, cause this the best new
Some real music, to have sex to
But dance first cause it puts you in the best mood
The best dressed dude you don't know completely
Discretely, man, I go by Deeep C
So when you see me, do two or three things:
Get weak knees and grab a light and load your tree leaves
But only after me please
And if you "Frontin" like Pharrell was, just know I don't tease
Cause you "That Girl" and you could "stay with me,
Lock the door, take the key"
Gracefully, I rhyme tastefully
Jungle Cat and this Ferocity
Front to back, we're possibly
Awesome, see, now watch when I drop the beat
And now I'm Billy Dee back to redeem
For those that claim Deeep weak and that my speech is cheese
Well you can savor the sweet taste of my meat in your teeth
And I'll just sit on my throne as you lay in defeat
Or you can get up from your seat and come to peace
On the dancefloor, relax, and put your mind at ease
As long as your cool's off you look fine to me
And as long as your shoes off we can grind in the sheets
Seriously, don't take me seriously
I'll overuse metaphors like the venom I speak
As my fangs secrete you feel the flames I breathe and now
Crank the beats that Deeep C tamed like beasts

Track Name: Demons
I'll keep my demons underground, if it keeps you smiling,
Buried there too long, they're bound to come out of their hiding
Oh, and you'll be terrified

Of what you find
The devil's inside
Baby I'm a sinner, I'm a gambler, it's hidden underneath,
With me, what you get's not what you see

I hate to see the trouble that I'm causing
It's alarming, and I can't help my wrong,
though I know it's me I'm harming,
oh I'm better off that way

I have to say
The devil can play
Baby I'm a sinner, I'm a gambler, it's hidden underneath,
With me what you get's not what you see
Track Name: Lady
(Deeep C)
So I met this chick right? Told me her name was Lucy
Now how can I express this eloquently, not rudely?
She was a cutie with a booty
But off the bat, knew there was more to her than her beauty
You see, I’m Deeep, now how you feel about movies?
And possibly kickin it with me after sushi
And maybe smoothies, and maybe if we blow up
You can be my only groupie? Got a band, we’re kinda groovy
She laughed, said I was cute, just a little goofy
And honestly, her honesty was a turn on to me
She took me back to her place and rolled up a doobie
And put a record on: Biggie’s “Juicy”
Heart pounding, trying to act smoothly
But she saved me the stress, made a move, gave me her cooties
She stuck it to your man like Huey
Like damn, I think I love Lucy
I think I love Lucy
And I don’t use that term loosely

I said lady, won't you tell me where you been,
And I need to know that you won't ever go again

(Deeep C)
If I didn’t have my Deeep C voice while I’m on the track
Ya’ll be like “Where’s Shaq? Cause Aaron Carter’s back.”
Lame noise on the airwaves don’t even phase me
Cause big band, the Beatles, and Dr. Dre raised me
And now I’m on some jazz and funk
Really anything that makes you wanna spaz and fuck
See it don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got some bounce though
A soundtrack for Deeep to get you down low
Now here’s the down low, when the crowd roar
I catch a glimpe of the future where the Crown pour
And the ground floor isn’t within a loud snore
Of the roof door but poof, no more
Cause that’s shallow water, so I’ll go down shore
Row till I can’t, not an ounce more
And if it came to it, would you be down for
Leaving with me, see the world, cruise the deep seas?
Cruise the deep seas?
With me, Deeep C.

I said lady, won't you tell me where you been,
And I need to know that you won't ever go again
Track Name: Jungle Cat
Lemme tell you bout this girl I know,
Runnin wild everywhere she goes,
She ain't a hammer or a welcome mat
Naw baby, cause she's a jungle cat
She's a jungle cat, yeah

Lemme tell you bout this girl I see
Run so fast and then she climb a tree
She ain't a hammer or a vampire bat
Naw baby, cause she's a jungle cat
She's a jungle cat, yeah

(C'mon get nasty)

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