A Ferocious Jungle Cat LP

by A Ferocious Jungle Cat

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Daniel Gregory
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Daniel Gregory amazing music and it's a crime they don't have wider recognition. Perfect blend of funk, jazz and rock, with a wide range of vocalists each adding something unique Favorite track: C-Monster.
mikey v
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mikey v I had drunken sex to this album once. The funkiness made me laugh a lot, so I put on something else.
sex: 4/10. record: 8/10. Favorite track: Stepdown.
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released November 6, 2015

Will Harman - Vocals, Bass Guitar
Cal Harman - Vocals, Drums
Myles Jasnowski - Vocals, Guitar
Ariel Sinha - Vocals, Percussion
Ian Fleming - Trombone
Mike Masin - Rhodes, Synth


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Track Name: Dance
i see you round the way
and every time i don't know what to say
you got it locked tight
and i can't help but wonder
where you'll be tonight
but now i see those eyes
they' looking through me
got me hypnotized
you take my hand
and then to my surprise
i got these feelings
i don't recognize

and she said dance with me
(get down get down now)
let your hair go free
(get down get down now)
shake it loose
(get down get down now)
take off your shoes
(get down get down now)
throw em up
(get down get down now)
fill up your cup
(get down get down now)
now take it back
(get down get down now)
give your booty a smack


i was your man back then
i'll never love again
i was your man back then
i'll never love again
i was your man back then
i'll never love again
i was your man back then
i'll never love again
Track Name: C-Monster
folks asking 'round "who's deeep and can he rap?"
well pass the mic and i'll handle that
as i get in the pocket like a fanny pack
between me and wack cats, i'll expand the gap
and i won't stop 'til we've spanned the map
so look out for a ferocious jungle cat attack
and while you gat-pack and cash-stack and crack-rap
just know in skill, what you lack, i have
man i can flow if you look past the fact
that the rap game ain't my natural habitat
the only time i move coke, i get six in a pack
and mix it in a glass with a little cap or jack
now pack a fat blunt, sit back and relax, ya'll
after that's done, you can blast this track
deeep and jungle cat like rat, the pack
but if you wanna jab or stab, i'm cassius fast
it's deeep

personally, i'm feeling like hercules
and i'll put you where the hearses be verbally
i'm hot as a furnace be so step back
or get yourself third degree
cause i'll burn emcees like a certain tree
so don't be fooled by my ninja turtle tee
or the herbal tea, you can call me what you please
but your lady says she prefer it 'deep'
(you like that?) and i just murder beats
like when em killed dre and it's burglary
when i snatch your chick without courtesy
you know whom it was cause now you've heard of me
so surgically, i work the beat
so verses me, it's curtains see
cause like liquor, your cheeks turning burgundy
no one sicker cause deeep got the worst disease
Track Name: Ravenous
little bird came and dropped the word
you'd been seen with her again
year ago i would have let it go
would took one on the chin
done wrong but i'lve gotten strong
and i'm ravenous for revenge
Track Name: Everything Is Fine
(deeep c)
you used to love it when i'd do this
a renaissance man, teenage mutant
and high sex kept the timex moving
but the line you heard i crossed with my ex? i didn't do it
she know exactly where it's at cause i drew it
so why you wanna complicate? like a condom break?
saying i'm the one to blame, when it's obvious
that you're the one running game
and i don't have time to waste
so just know if you go and find that i don't chase
it's cause i've been through enough 808s and heartbreak
been thrown overboard like shark bait
and there's plenty fish in the deep sea
and i'm not really big on destiny
so the next time i see you, you'll know i'm not lying
when i tell you...
Track Name: Feed The Vibe
(deeep c)
when you talk to your friends so quietly
like "who he think he is?" undeniably
it's deeep c mindlessly rhyming on top of the beat
so timeless and mightily
needed to channel my energy, like bruce wayne
i made batman or whichever most you dudes hate
by the time you come around, it's too late
it's kinda sad, damn...hussein
can't let a day go by without killing it
so best stay home, guy, if you ain't feeling this
and pray to god i don't come back from dagobah
cause if i do, you'll find out how i say goodbye
(you're so hyperbolic, deeep, it's confusing...
you look like you're eighteen and do you shave your thighs?)
nah, honestly, i do it just for amusement
so eat it if you want, i'm gonna feed the vibe
Track Name: Nightrain
(deeep c)
when the time you heard a drummer rap or a rapper drum?
well jungle cat's back so pack the bong
and cash it up until you cracking up
and deeep c flows easy now back it up
cause how we stacking up don't really matter much
on the mic, i'm tight, son, i pack a punch
i'm like mike tyson, i jab and duck
and i'll take you to school so pack your lunch
ladies in threes like the power puff
totes jk, only if they're down for love
or down to crush, but at this point
they can't even tell the difference so i doubt it's love
oh, we won't amount to much?
well plant your soft lips right around my butt
cause it's gonna be awhile til we've had enough
and girl, i'll take your breath away like i snatched your lung

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